IMS Database Control (DBC) Commands

Describes the IMS Database Control commands used with IMS database Forward and Automatic Backward Recovery.
Restores a database to full IMS function, and starts it in "suspend" mode.

When DBC starts an IMS database in "suspend" mode, normal transactional processing is prohibited. DBC accepts only commands to recover, START, and STOP databases.

DBC starts an IMS database in "suspend" mode when, on startup, it finds one or more corrupt databases. This can happen when Automatic Backward Recovery was previously disabled.

Use /DBC RESUME after all affected IMS databases have been recovered.

Restores a database to full IMS function even when the database has not been recovered.
Transactions run as normal and could access both corrupt and intact databases.
Displays the current status of IMS Database Control.
Puts IMS DBC into "suspend" mode.