ESF Manager Messages and Logging

ESF Manager generates various log messages regarding errors, warnings, and successful completion of infrequent activities (such as loading and initializing an ESM Module). These messages are sent to an environment-specific logging facility, such as the CAS Console Log and the MFDS Journal. (See saf-env.c for more information on ESF Manager environments.)

Each ESF log message has:

  • A number. Each of the different messages is assigned an integer number in the range 0-8999; messages 9000-9999 are reserved for customer use. Message numbers are more or less grouped by ESF Manager component:
    Manager Interface Messages 0-99
    ESF API Processing Messages 100-199
    ESM Module Interface Messages 200-299
    Environment Support Messages 300-399
    Cache Messages 400-499
    User Exit Processing Messages 500-599
    Auditing Messages 600-699
    ESM Modules Messages 1000-1999
    Temporary Messages 2000-2999
  • A level: informational, warning, error, or critical (fatal error), indicated by the letters "I", "W", "E", and "C".
  • Message text. ESF Manager message text is retrieved from a message catalog for internationalization purposes; if a catalog for the current language is not available, a default English message is used.
  • For some messages, substitution parameters are replaced with event- specific details.