Managed Region

You can configure properties, control, monitor, and view console, trace, and statistic information for managed regions.

If the region database does not exist, for example, if the region has been defined in ESCWA but never started, or if the region database exists but the region is not running, not all information and functions will be available.

General Properties

The optional properties in the region definition. These are the hostname of the server where region start/stop operations will run. This defaults to the host where seeadminserver is running, and the name of the startup file, which defaults to Region_region-name.config.


Start or stop the region.


Monitor activity in the region, if it is running. For a scale-out region, you can monitor all region activity or only activity on a single host. The view can be set to refresh automatically at a specified interval.


View the region console log. The view can be set to refresh automatically at a specified interval.


View basic region statistics, including average latency, task time, and rate of task processing by either 1-minute or 15-minute intervals. The view updates automatically.

SEP Traces

View the local Service Execution Process (SEP) trace tables. These show a trace of recent operations for application program processing.

Historical Statistics Facility

View data recorded by the Historical Statistics Facility (HSF), if it is enabled for the region. HSF data is a detailed record of application activity.

Note: Currently for CICS regions only.