Environment variables

The following is a list of some of the more common environment variables that you can configure for your PAC. These must be consistent for all member regions:

Name Description Component
CICS_SIT Specifies the name of the SIT used by the region. CICS
ES_ALLOC_OVERRIDE Specifies the location of a file containing rules that determine where new data sets are created. This applies only to JES and batch files, and not CICS, IMS, or Web services files. ES_ALLOC_OVERRIDE=rules-file JCL
ES_CICS_SINGLE Configures CICS so that a user can only log on once. CICS
ES_CLASS_XCMD Overrides the default CICS CMD resource class. CICS
ES_CLASS_XDCT Overrides the default CICS DCT resource class. CICS
ES_CLASS_XFCT Overrides the default CICS FCT resource class. CICS
ES_CLASS_XJCT Overrides the default CICS JCT resource class. CICS
ES_CLASS_XPCT Overrides the default CICS PCT resource class. CICS
ES_CLASS_XPPT Overrides the default CICS PPT resource class. CICS
ES_CLASS_XPSB Overrides the default CICS PSB resource class. CICS
ES_CLASS_XRES Overrides the default CICS DOCTEMPLATE resource class. CICS
ES_CLASS_XTRAN Overrides the default CICS TRAN resource class. CICS
ES_CLASS_XTST Overrides the default CICS TST resource class. CICS
ES_DISABLE_DFLTUSR_SIGNON Disables the default user (mfuser) signon when invoking ES Monitor & Control. CICS
ES_EMP_EXIT_n Specifies the number of Event Manager user exits for the region. JCL
ES_ESM_CMDSEC Indicates whether CICS processing honors the CMDSEC option specified on a transaction's PLT definition. CICS
ES_ESM_PLTPIUSR The user id under which PLT programs run during CICS initialization. CICS
ES_ESM_RESSEC Indicates whether CICS processing honors the RLS security setting specified on a transaction definition (PCT). CICS
ES_ESM_SECPRFX Indicates whether CICS processing prefixes the resource names when making security queries. CICS
ES_ESM_XUSER Indicates whether CICS processing performs surrogate user checks. CICS
ES_PAC_NO_GLOBAL_LOG Stops the messages in the console.log from being stored in the PSOR. PAC
ES_USR_DFLT_CICS Enables you to override the default user when no user is logged on for CICS authentication. CICS
ES_USR_DFLT_JCL Enables you to override the default user when no user is logged on for JCL authentication. JCL
ES_USR_DFLT_JES Enables you to override the default user when no user is logged on for JES authentication. JCL
ES_WORKING_MODE The working mode of the server. This indicates whether the server is to run 32-bit or 64-bit applications
ES_XA_RECONNECT Set this to any value to configure the XA reconnect process to operate in a single attempt mode.
ES_XA_%xaname%_OPTIONS Set this environment variable for each RM that you require to operate in a multiple attempt mode. Replace the %xaname% component of the variable name with the name of the RM as specified in MFDS or ESCWA . Specify the number of reconnect attempts to the target RM (up to a maximum of 9999) as well as the duration of the delay, in seconds, between each attempt. If you set the variable to EX it will exclude the target RM from XA reconnect processing. CICS
ES_xxxxx_NB_RETRIES Specifies the number of times a SEP attempts to reconnect to an XA resource following a connection error, where xxxxx is the ID of the associated resource. The default is 5. If no connection is made, the XA switch is disabled. CICS
MFSYSCAT The location of the JES system catalog. JCL
MFUSERCAT_BASE_LOC If an entry in MFUSERCAT_LOC only specifies the file name of a user catalog rather than the full path and file name, use this environment variable to specify where these catalogs are located JCL
MFUSERCAT_LOC The location of the node(s) set in MFUSERCAT_NODE, separated by semi-colons if more than one is specified. JCL
MFUSERCAT_NODE Sets additional SMS, SPOOL and User catalogs. To enable support for the SMS entities DATACLAS and MGMTCLAS, this variable needs to be set in addition to setting MF_SMS=ON. JCL
Note: This is not an exhaustive list. You should consider all environment variables your PAC uses.