Configuring Whether a Message Shows in the Console

The user exit casmguex controls whether a particular message is output to the console or not.

To enable the user exit, it must be in a directory included on the appropriate program search concatenation. casmguex is then invoked by the SEP before sending the processed message to the console daemon.

The entry point of casmguex is a single parameter defined as a group item:

           03 MsgRB-Buffer. 
              05 MsgRB-Buffer-Length   pic x(2) comp-x value 256. 
              05 MsgRB-Buffer-Text. 
                 07 MsgRB-Buffer-Char pic x 
                    occurs 256 times depending on MsgRB-Buffer-Length. 

The user exit examines the message and then determines whether to display it in the console or not. This is controlled through the use of return-code using the following values:

Display message
Do not show message


The following sample program shows how you can use casmguex to prevent the error message FC0009I from showing:

       identification division. 
       program-id. casmguex. 
       environment division. 
       configuration section. 
       data division. 
       working-storage section. 
       local-storage section. 
       linkage section. 
       01  MsgRB-Buffer. 
           03  MsgRB-Buffer-Length     pic x(2) comp-x. 
           03  MsgRB-Buffer-Text. 
               05  MsgRB-Buffer-Char   pic x 
                occurs 256 times depending on MsgRB-Buffer-Length. 
       procedure division using MsgRB-Buffer. 
           move 1                      to return-code 
           if MsgRB-Buffer-Text(4:7) = 'FC0009I' 
           move 0                  to return-code 
       end program casmguex.