To install a supported country code for deployed applications

Most deployment applications will perform ASCII <-> EBCDIC translations of the supported country codes without further interaction; however, translation of the DBCS supported code sets (namely, MFCODESETs 81, 82, 86, 886, and 941) for applications that do not require a full Enterprise Server product to be available (for example, JVM COBOL applications, and native self-contained applications), you are required to deploy the appropriate mapping files with the application, and then use an environment variable to locate them at run time.
  1. Deploy the appropriate .E2A and .A2E mapping files along with the application. The required files can be found in the etc/codeset sub-directory of a full development or deployment product installation directory.
  2. Set the MFCODESET_DBCSDIR environment variable to the location of these files.
  3. Set the MFCODESET environment variable to the required code set for translation; see The code set translation environment variable for details.