You can specify properties about your security managers users on the User options dialog box.


List of properties and their definitions.

Account ID
The ID for the user account.
The full name of the person assigned to this account.
Default Group
Specify a default user group for this user.

Where a user verification request does not specify a group, this default group is used.

Allow Logon
Indicates whether this user can logon.
Must Change Password
Forces the user to specify a new password the first time they login.
A description of the user account.
Specifies the new password of the user. Password lengths are restricted to 8 or fewer characters if you are logging into an MSS such as CICS, JES or IMS. The password length is limited to 20 or fewer characters if you are logging into MFDS. If you leave this field blank, the existing password is unchanged.
Note: Multibyte characters, whitespace, some punctuation characters, and control characters may cause problems in passwords. Some external security managers restrict which characters can be used in passwords, and some characters may be altered by ASCII-EBCDIC translation if passwords are entered through 3270 terminal sessions. Micro Focus recommends using letters, numbers, and punctuation characters that are in both ASCII and the default EBCDIC code page.
Confirm Password
Specify the case-sensitive new password of the user. If you enter a value that does not match the value in Password, an error is generated and the existing password is unchanged.


Advanced properties and their definitions.

Specifies the Unique reference ID, if this is not supplied then one is generated automatically when the user is created.
Operator ID
Specifies the 3-byte MSS operator ID associated with the unique reference ID.
Timeout (mins)
Specifies the MSS user timeout in minutes.
Password Expires
Specifies the password expiration date. The date format depends on the security manager in use. With the MLDAP ESM, you need to use the date format required by the LDAP server. You need to check to determine what this format is.
For example:
where 0Z represents the GMT zone. To simplify the selection of an expiry date, click to display a calendar.
Account Expires
Specifies the account expiration date.
Use Token
Permission to use passtokens.
Create Token
Permission to create passtokens.
Custom Configuration
Custom text (not used by Micro Focus).


The Selected field lists the groups that the user has joined. Below that is a list of the available groups. You can use the Group's filter to limit the list.

This is a list of all the groups that the user has joined.
This is a list of all the groups that are available to join.


Lists the references associated with the user. This includes a reference to the user itself and the default group if defined in the user's PROPERTIES.

Displays the object type and can be USER, GROUP or RESOURCE.
Name of the references.
Provides information on the type of reference and can be one of the following:
  • The user itself
  • User's default group
  • Explicit group member