The Referential Integrity Sample User Exit

Enterprise Server includes a sample ESF User Exit, the Referential Integrity User Exit (saf_refint_exit). It demonstrates the ESF User Exit feature and is fully supported by Micro Focus for development and production use.

The Referential Integrity exit module intercepts ESF Admin requests, which are made by Enterprise Server Administration and the esfadmin command line utility. It enforces certain rules or constraints on actions that change information in the security data repository: adding users, deleting groups, and so on. Constraints are enforced by denying requests that would violate the constraints, or in some cases by automatically making additional changes to keep the security data consistent.

Currently the Referential Integrity exit is only useful in a security configuration that includes an LDAP-based security manager, because the MLDAP ESM Module is the only ESM Module that supports ESF Admin requests.