Use this page to create a new TRANCLASS.

A TRANCLASS resource defines the characteristics of a transaction class.

Click INSTALL to install this resource.

Click ACTIVE to make this resource active.

Click DELETE to delete this TRANCLASS.

Click COPY to create a new TRANCLASS, using the values set on this page as the basis for the new TRANCLASS.

Click DUMP to create and view dump information for this TRANCLASS.

Click APPLY to save your changes to the TRANCLASS.

Specify a description of the resource. This can be up to 60 characters long.
Purge Transactions
Check this to enable the transaction purging threshold.
Purge Threshold
Specifies a limit to the number of transactions queuing for this transaction class. After this limit is reached, transactions are purged.
Max Active
Specify the maximum number of transactions in this transaction class that are allowed to be active, in the range 0 through 999.