LU1-or-LU3 The values LU1 and SCS set the default printer mode to SNA Character Stream (SNA LU1 printing). The values LU3 and 3270 set it to 3270 datastream (SNA LU3) printing.


Default: The default printer mode is 3270 Datastream.

TN3270E clients may support either or both of two types of printer data streams: SCS (LU1) and 3270 (LU3). The type of printer required depends on the migrated mainframe application.

During TN3270E negotiation a printer session will identify which print mode or modes it supports. If an application sends output to a printer session that supports both modes, and CAS cannot determine which printer type the application expects, then the value of default-printer-mode is consulted to determine how to identify the data to the client.