PKCS #12 File

The PKCS #12 file format is supported. Common extensions are .p12 and .pfx.

PKCS #12 format files may contain the following certificates:

Any or all of these certificate types can be enclosed in a PKCS #12 file.

Micro Focus recommends that your PKCS #12 file is password protected.

The most common content combination for a PKCS #12 file is for it to contain an identity certificate and its private key.

When using a combined PKCS #12 file containing an identity certificate and a private key the file name must be presented as a certificate file and the password as the certificate file password. The matching key file and key file password entries in the configuration can be left blank.

PKCS #12 files containing only a private key or an identity certificate can be treated like any other certificate file or key file.


The content of the PKCS #12 file has the following restrictions:

  • A PKCS #12 file cannot contain only a CA root chain certificate.
  • A PKCS #12 file can only contain one identity certificate.