You manage your product licensing by using the Micro Focus License Administration tool.

When you install your Micro Focus product, the Sentinel RMS license server is also installed to manage your license. Depending on how your site administers licenses, you can request licenses from a central license server.

Important: The SafeNet Sentinel licensing system has been deprecated and will be not available in this product starting with the next major release after release 9.0.

The SafeNet Sentinel licenses will not be supported after release 9.0 and you need to use AutoPass licenses if you use these releases.

You can replace your SafeNet Sentinel licenses with AutoPass licenses starting with release 8.0. Contact Micro Focus Customer Care for further information.

Network license server

If your site has multiple licenses and you want to use a network license server to manage them, install the Micro Focus License Administration tool that is supplied with your product. Individual workstations can then be configured to obtain a license from the license server machine.

Uninstalling a product that uses Sentinel RMS

Uninstalling a Micro Focus product that uses Sentinel RMS does not remove the license(s) that you have activated for that product, nor does it uninstall the license server. We recommend that before you uninstall the Micro Focus product, you uninstall the licenses for it.