terminal-type-option If this is set to “yes”, MFCS will not validate the terminal-type string sent by the client against the TN3270E standard. It will simply pass any terminal-type string on to CAS.
Some TN3270 clients, in some configurations, send non-standard terminal-type strings and will require this setting.


Default: The terminal-type string sent by the client must be one recognized by MFCS.

Standard terminal types

The standard terminal type strings are:

  • IBM-3278-2, -3, -4, and -5.
  • The same four with -E appended (IBM-3278-2-E and so on).
  • The eight types from 1 and 2 above, but with 3279 in place of 3278 (IBM-3279-2-E and so on).
  • IBM-3287-1. This is only allowed for a printer session, and you must use it for a printer session if allow-any-terminal-type=yes is not specified.