Asynchronous Processing

Asynchronous processing enables a local transaction program to initiate a transaction program on a remote system by means of the EXEC CICS START command. The remote transaction does not attempt to send a response back to the initiating local transaction program; this is what makes it asynchronous.

There are two ways of doing outbound asynchronous processing with MSS:

If you use the first way, you need to do some specific configuration by defining the fields in the PCT as follows:

Required Entry

Each remote transaction that can be initiated (using ATI) by a local transaction, specifying:

Remote SYSID on the PCT Details page of ESMAC
The ID of the SysC table entry for the remote system
Remote PCT on the PCT Details page of ESMAC
The name by which the transaction is known on the remote system. If you do not specify this field, the transaction is assumed to have the same name on both systems

No specific configuration is required for inbound asynchronous processing.