To add support for Micro Focus resource adapters

  1. Locate the appropriate mfcobolpure.jar and mfconnector.jar files. These files contain the classes that support the Micro Focus resource adapters.
    Stored in $COBDIR/lib

    Stored in the $COBDIR/javaee/javaee7/appsrv directory, where appsrv represents a directory named for your Java application server and, in some cases, the version as well. For a list of supported application servers, see the Java Application Servers section of the Supported Operating Systems and Third-party Software topic.

  2. Update the classpath to point to the mfcobolpure.jar and mfconnector.jar archive files using one of the following methods:
    From the IDE

    where jar_path is the path to the archive files appropriate to your application server.