To Configure Dumps

To start ESMAC:

  1. Access the Enterprise Server Administration screen for your installation.
  2. In the table of enterprise server instances, check that the server you want has started, and if not, start it.
  3. In the Status column of the enterprise server instance to monitor, click Details.

    The Details screen for the server is displayed.

  4. On the Details screen, select the Server > Control tab, then click ES Monitor & Control.

    The Enterprise Server Monitoring and Control (ESMAC) screen is displayed.

To configure a dump:

  1. Click Control.

    The Control page is displayed.

  2. Check Dump on Abend, Sys if you want a dump created if the system abends. Click Dump on Abend, Trans if you want a dump created if the service abends. You can check both check boxes if you want to create dumps on both types of abend.
Note: By default, the enterprise server uses the A dataset to record dumps. If you want to change the dataset, click Dump n, Switch (where n is A or B). If the dataset is currently set to A, it is switched to B. If it is B, the dataset is switched to A.