To View a Local Trace for a SEP

To start ESMAC:

  1. Access the Enterprise Server Administration screen for your installation.
  2. In the table of enterprise server instances, check that the server you want has started, and if not, start it.
  3. In the Status column of the enterprise server instance to monitor, click Details.

    The Details screen for the server is displayed.

  4. On the Details screen, select the Server > Control tab, then click ES Monitor & Control.

    The Enterprise Server Monitoring and Control (ESMAC) screen is displayed.

To view a local trace for a SEP

  1. Click SEPs in the menu.
  2. Click Trace next to the SEP for which you want to view a local trace. Auxiliary processes are listed underneath SEPs, and you can obtain traces for some of them: the Fileshare process, JCP (journal control program), and TDP (extra-partition transient data process).

    The trace is formatted and displayed. To return to ESMAC, click Back in your browser.