To Copy a Communications Process

  1. If the table of servers on the Home page is being displayed in summary form, expand it by clicking expand button
  2. Click Details in the Communications Processes cell for the server whose communications process you want to copy.
  3. On the Edit Server - Listeners page click Copy at the top right-hand side of the area that shows the details of the communications process you want to copy.
  4. In Control Channel Address specify a host name or IP address to replace the first asterisk (*) and a port number to replace the second asterisk. You can leave the value as *:*, where the first asterisk (*) indicates the IP address of the current machine and the second indicates any available port number.
  5. Check Auto-start if you want the new communications process to be started automatically when the enterprise server starts or, if the enterprise server is already running, after it is created. It is checked by default.
  6. Click OK.
Note: When you copy a communications process, you also copy all the listeners associated with it; the new communications process has exactly the same number and type of listeners as the original, with the same names. You might want to edit the names to reduce confusion.