To Copy an Enterprise Server Instance


When you copy an enterprise server instance to another of the same working mode, the default behavior is to copy all the objects associated with it - communications processes, service listeners, services, request handlers and implementation packages. If the working mode of the new enterprise server instance is different from that of the existing server, the copy process cannot copy deployed services (that is, services that have an associated package and handler). Therefore, where the existing server has deployed services and you want the copy to have a different working mode, you must check Do not copy deployed services and packages.

  1. In the table of servers on the Home page of Enterprise Server Administration, click Edit to the left of the row for the enterprise server instance that you want to copy.
  2. On the Properties > General page click Copy.
  3. Specify the name of the new server in Name under new server...
  4. Click the Working Mode checkbox if you want to change the working mode for the new server.
  5. In Initial Communications Processs Address under new server... specify a host name or IP address to replace the first asterisk (*) and a port number to replace the second asterisk. You can leave the value as *:*, where the first asterisk (*) indicates the IP address of the current machine and the second indicates any available port number.
  6. Click Do not copy deployed services and packages if you do not want to copy the deployed services and packages to the new server.
  7. Click OK.