To stop a server Instance

This procedure describes how to stop an enterprise server instance from the Enterprise Server Administration screen. You can use the server shut down process if you need more control over the process, or you want to produce a system dump.

  1. In the table of servers on the Home page of Enterprise Server Administration, find the row for the server that you want to stop, and click Stop in the Current Status column.

    A screen is displayed indicating the server details and security configuration information. This screen also gives you the option of specifying operating system and Enterprise Server security credentials to be used. For more about security credentials, see the help section on Enterprise Server security.

  2. Click OK.

    The Home page of Enterprise Server Administration is displayed, and the Status Log column displays server termination progress messages. If you have Show local console checked on the Edit Server page, the enterprise server console daemon window appears, showing progress messages.

  3. After a few seconds click Refresh on the Home page.

    The value in Current Status changes to "Stopped".

Note: If the server remains in the "Stopping" state for a prolonged time the reason might be that it has encountered an unrecoverable error during the shutdown. You can force a shutdown by clicking Details to go to the Server > Control page, then clicking Force Stop. Alternatively it might have encountered an unrecoverable communications error and shut down without informing the Directory Server. In this case you can restart it using Start Server on the Server > Control page.