To Switch Logging On for a Service

  1. Click Details in the Objects column for the server that owns the service for which you want to switch logging on.
  2. Click Edit in the Operation column for the service for which you want to switch logging on.
  3. Check Logging.
  4. Click OK.
Note: The effect of switching logging on is that the service's request and response blocks are written to a diagnostics file each time the service is invoked. This file is stored in the server's system directory, which defaults to /es-name where es-name is the name of the enterprise server. The file is named casdumpa.rec (or it might be named casdumpb.rec if you specified a maximum diagnostics file size on the Edit Server page).

You can format and view the information from the Edit Server > Diagnostics > ES Console page. The client request is shown in a block named user-storage-type under the part of the dump entitled CAS-REQ. The server response is shown in a similar block under the title CAS-RESP.

Only switch logging on if you need diagnostics as it degrades performance.