Working with SNMP v3 (deprecated)

Note: Audit Manager is deprecated and provided for backward compatibility only. We recommend that you use syslog events instead. See Enterprise Server Auditing for more information.

SNMP v3 adds two optional levels of security to SNMP v2c Traps: Authentication and Privacy (Content Encryption).

To enable generated Audit events be sent using SNMP v3 flows, we rely upon software produced by the OpenSource Net-SNMP project. The main project along with binary distributions can be found at (Binaries are at This release of Micro Focus SNMP Audit Emitter was created to use Net-SNMP v5.4. It does not require a 3rd party OpenSSL installation, nor does it require an OpenSSL compliant Net-SNMP installation.

  • Microsoft Windows SNMP services do not include native SNMP v3 support, so the WinSNMP option will not provide SNMP v3.