Sets an audit configuration property value.
Note: Audit Manager is deprecated and provided for backward compatibility only. We recommend that you use syslog events instead. See Enterprise Server Auditing for more information.


call "CBL_AUDIT_CONFIG_PROPERTY_SET" using by value     flags
                                           by reference property-name
                                           by reference property-value
                                              returning status-code


  Typedef Picture
flags cblt-x4-comp5 pic x(4) comp-5
property-name pic x(n) pic x(n)
property-value pic x(n) pic x(n)

On Entry:

Bit Value Meaning
0 0 String value. Use bit 1 to determine string terminator
  1 Integer value. Ignore bit 1.
1 0 String value is space-terminated
  1 String value is null-terminated
2-28   Reserved for future use (must be 0)
29 0 property-name is space-terminated
  1 property-name is null-terminated
30-31   Reserved for future use (must be 0)
Space- or null- terminated (depending upon setting of bit 29) case-insensitive property name. Recognised property names are:
NAME the mfauditmgr instance name to connect, or are connected, to
NOSERVER_ACTION indicates the desired behaviour of the CBL_AUDIT_EVENT API when the mfauditmgr process is not running. A value of "wait" indicates the API will block (the default). A value of "nowait" indicates the API will return an error.
SYSTEM name of the system to be associated with audit events output by this process
TIMEOUT the duration (in milliseconds) that an event will retry to be written to output before it times out.
Note: Other property names may be set, but they will be ignored by the facility.
The alphanumeric or numeric (in the case of TIMEOUT) value of property-name.

On Exit:


Return Codes:



CBL_AUDIT_CONFIG_PROPERTY_SET is used to set a named property value for the audit facility's configuration for the current process. If a property with the same name already exists, its value will be replaced with the new value.

Supported properties are yet to be defined.


Set the audit facility's "system" property value.

copy "mfaudit.cpy ".

01 flags           pic x(4) comp-5.
01 prop-string     pic x(100).
compute flags = 78-AUD-FLAG-PROP-STRING-VALUE
move "ESDEMO" & x"00" to prop-string

                                    by value flags
                                    by reference "system "
                                    by reference prop-string