To add a message processing region to a resource group

  1. In the dropdown list under Resources on the ESMAC menu, select By Group.
  2. Click Groups, then click Details next to the resource group you want to update.
  3. Click JES.
  4. Specify IMS MPR in the Type field, the relevant classes in the Classes field, and an appropriate text in the Name and Description fields.
  5. Click Add.
  6. Click Group List.
Note: You can specify a maximum of four classes in the Transaction Class field. You must separate each class by a comma. The classes you specify must be less than 32-bytes long. If you specify more than four classes only the first four are used. When you start the enterprise server instance you see a message (CASIP0013I) in the console.log that shows which classes have been registered for use.

Defining a message processing reigon for an enterprise server in this way causes a message processing region to start each time the enterprise server is started. For information on creating a message processing region that only exists until an enterprise server stops, see the section Temporary MPRs in the chapter Administering IMS-enabled Enterprise Servers in your Mainframe Subsystem Support Configuration and Administration Guide.