Set MFDS user passwords

If you are using the microfocus-MFDS-User object class for your users, MFDS will set their password attribute (microfocus-MFDS-User-Pwd) in mfds_users.ldf using the password hashes it has for those users. This means MFDS users will continue to have the same passwords.

If you are using the user object class for your users, currently MFDS does not set user password attributes, which means the newly-imported MFDS users have no passwords. Until this is fixed, you will either need to edit the mfds_users.ldf file before importing it and add the appropriate password attributes, or you will have to set the passwords manually after the users are imported:

At a minimum, you will need at least one MFDS administrative user with a password (such as schemaadmin), so you can log on to MFDS. Typically, you will also want at least one user with "modify" authority for use by ES and MFCS; this will usually be an MSS user as well, since it will need MSS authority to start and stop the region (if security is configured for the ES server). The SYSAD user is usually used for this purpose, at least during initial installation and verification. (You can delete these users later.)

If you want to continue using unsecured ES regions, you will need to set the passwords for the mf_cs and mf_mdsa predefined users.

By default, the passwords for MFDS predefined users are the same as their usernames.

Once you have successfully configured ES LDAP-based security for MFDS, you may also be able to use MFDS to set passwords, depending on details of your configuration.