Switches and Classes

When an Enterprise Server region is started, the first access to WebSphere MQ checks the status of Security and the MQADMIN class. The subsystem security switch is set to off if one of these conditions are discovered:

If both Security and the MQADMIN class are active, WebSphere MQ checks the MQADMIN class to see whether any of the switch profiles have been defined. It first checks the profiles described in Profiles to control subsystem security. If subsystem security is not required, WebSphere MQ sets the internal subsystem security switch off, and performs no further checks.

The profiles determine whether the corresponding WebSphere MQ switch is set off and that the type of security is deactivated. If any WebSphere MQ switch is set on, WebSphere MQ checks the status of the Security class associated with the type of security corresponding to the WebSphere MQ switch. If the class is not installed or not active, the WebSphere MQ switch is set off. For example, process security checks are not carried out if the MQPROC class has not been activated. A non active class is equivalent to defining NO.PROCESS.CHECKS profile for every queue manager that uses the Security database.