To Add a Security Manager to the Default ES Security Manager List

  1. Click Security under Configure on the menu on the left-hand side of an Enterprise Server Administration Web page.
  2. Click Default ES Security.
  3. In the Security Manager List, click Add.
  4. Select the definition that you want to add to the list by clicking the relevant radio button in the Select column.
  5. Click Add .
  • You cannot add the same definition to the list more than once. You can however have more than one security manager definition that uses the same external security module in the security managers pool.
  • Where you are running MF Directory Server with Restrict administration access set, and you make a change to the security manager list that it uses, you are challenged to supply:
    1. a set of credentials that are valid with the configuration prior to the changes being applied


    2. a set of credentials that will be valid with the configuration after the changes are applied. This is to ensure that you can still access the MF Directory Server screens.

    If appropriate credentials are not supplied or are not valid, the changes will not be applied.