Setting MF Directory Server Security Configuration

You can configure the security configuration for the directory server. You can select to use the default MFDS Internal Security or you can configure security managers to validate against.

  • The default MFDS Internal Security can only be used by itself. If you use this, you cannot configure any other security managers.
  • In a production environment, you should use external security managers rather than the MFDS Internal Security.
  1. On the menu at the left side of the Enterprise Server Administration Web page, under Configure, click Security.
  2. Click on the MF Directory Server tab.
  3. In the lower half of the screen under Security Manager List, click Change to display a list of the security managers configured.
  4. Select the security manager to add, and click Add.

    The security manager is added to the MFDS list.

  5. Use the Up and Down arrows at the right of the list to position the security manager where you want it.

    When performing security checks, Enterprise Server validates against the security managers in the order in which they appear in the list.

  6. Complete the rest of the configurations on the screen.

    At the left of the screen, select the Help > This Page option for detailed information on the options.

    Note: To configure the MF Directory Server to use the same external security managers as configured for default Enterprise Server instances (this is recommended where possible), check Use default ES Security Manager List and click Apply. The MF Directory Server tab should now show the same security managers as the Default ES Security tab.
  7. To apply the configured security options to the MF Directory Server, check the Restrict administration access on the MF Directory Server tab.

    This opens a login screen which requires credentials to be input that have sufficient permission level to allow the requested security configuration changes. The permissions check is carried out using the requested security options.

    • If the input credentials are incorrect or do not have sufficient permissions to change the security options, an error is displayed and the administration access remains unrestricted.
    • If any security configuration changes are requested when Restrict administration access is already checked, a login screen is displayed to confirm that the administrator has permission to change the security configuration using the current security configuration settings and then, again, with the changed security configuration.