To View Permissions for a User

In order to use these property screens, your user account must have User Administration permissions.

  1. Click Security under Configure on the menu on the left-hand side of an Enterprise Server Administration Web page.
  2. Click Security Managers.
  3. Select the security manager containing the user definition that you want to view by clicking the relevant radio button in the Select column.
  4. Click Edit .
  5. Click Properties .
  6. Click Users.

    The users screen is divided into tabs. The label of the tab indicates the start character(s) of the user ids that are listed on the tab.

  7. Select the tab containing the user you wish to edit.
  8. Click Edit for the user.
  9. Click Permissions.

    The screen displays a tree structure. Expanding the top level node displays the various resource classes. Expanding a class displays the resource entities that it contains and the permissions that the user has for those entities. Please note, the permissions displayed are for those Access Control List entries that apply to the user, either by fully specifying the user's ID or by a wildcard match.