Contains information about the client request.


typedef struct request_context
    cobuns32_t            version;            Version of structure format
    cobuns32_t            handler_id;         ID of request handler being used to process the request
    cobuns32_t            request_len;        Length of request buffer
    cobuns32_t            argc;               Parameter count of loaded service
    cobrtncode_t          return_code;        Service’s return code, or run-time error error generated by service
    cobuns32_t            service_type;       Type of service request
    cobuns32_t            accept_buf_len;     Length of data in accept_buf
    cobuns32_t            display_buf_len;    Length of data in display_buf
    cobuns32_t            cmd_line_len;       Length of data in cmd_line
    cobuns32_t            flags;              Request context control flags
    cobuns32_t            reserved1[11];      Reserved for future use
    REQHAND_SERVICE_FUNCS *funcs;             Request handler support functions
    void                  *request_buf;       Request buffer
    void                  **protocol_attrs;   An array of pointers to protocol-specific attributes 
    cobuns8_t             **argv;             Parameter list of loaded service
    void                  *handler_data;      Request handler-specific data
    cobuns8_t             *reserved1a;        Reserved for future use
    cobuns8_t             *service_name;      Name of loaded service
    cobuns8_t             *pgm_name;          Name of the main program associated with the service
    cobuns8_t             *epoint_name;       Name of entry point of the program to invoke
    void                  *idt;               Interface definition for service; the interpretation of the memory addressed by this field is request handler-specific
    cobuns8_t             *accept_buf;        Data to be used for ANSI ACCEPT statements
    cobuns8_t             *display_buf;       Concatenation of strings output by ANSI DISPLAY statements
    cobuns8_t             *cmd_line;          String to be used to resolve ACCEPT FROM COMMAND-LINE
    cobuns8_t             *rts_err_str;       Run-time error message text
    void                  *reserved2[9];      Reserved for future use