Client Messages

This topic lists the messages that clients of Enterprise Server can display.

Error number Meaning
-1 Error status is unknown
0 Success
00001 Internal error in common client
00002 Feature has not been implemented
00003 Unsupported protocol version or feature
00004 Requested object not found (in Directory Server repository)
00005 Not used
00006 Error in parameters to function
00007 Resource unavailable, for example, memory allocation failed
00008 Communications error
00009 Object is in wrong state for operation
00010 Bad data problem (for example, non-HTTP response to HTTP request)
00011 Operating system error
00012 An external component failed (for example MLDAP unable to bind to Directory Server)
00013 Data was truncated
00014 No data was available, possibly because the server was not available
00015 Client request timed out
00016 Requested service is not available
00017 No user data was returned by the server
00100 Invalid IDT version
00101 Invalid message type
00102 Servicename not found in IDT
00103 Unsupported mapping
00150 Unable to initialise request handler
00151 Unable to initialise interface mapper
00250 Unable to initialise SOAP parser
00400 Invalid binary protocol version
00401 Unrecognised binary protocol message
00402 Program/entry point not found
00450 Invalid namespace for SOAP envelope
00451 Invalid namespace for SOAP header
00452 Invalid namespace for SOAP body
00453 Invalid SOAP message
00454 No SOAP URI in SOAP message
00455 SOAP action URI differs from SOAP Body URI
00456 Unable to resolve href in SOAP message
00457 Unrecognised encoding style
00458 Illegal character in SOAP string
00500 Parameter not found in IDT
00501 External data not located
00502 Invalid implementation language
00503 Unsupported mapping
00504 Expected mapping not defined
00505 Invalid ODO item
00506 Invalid structured mapping
00507 Insuffient subscripts for external item
00508 Subscript for external item does not exist
00509 Too many subscripts for external item
00510 Error in exit handler
00600 External field not found
00601 Unsupported external data type
00602 Expected parameter not supplied by external interface
00603 Expected external structure field not found
00604 Expected external array field not found
00605 Incorrect number of parameters supplied
00606 Incorrect number of fields in supplied structure
00607 External data type mismatch
00608 Unknown external data type
00609 Incorrect number of array elements
00610 Too many array elements passed in message
01400 HTTP response: bad request
01401 HTTP response: unauthorized
01403 HTTP response: forbidden
01404 HTTP response: not found
01405 HTTP response: method not allowed
01406 HTTP response: not acceptable
01407 HTTP response: proxy authentication required
01408 HTTP response: request timeout
01409 HTTP response: conflict
01410 HTTP response: gone
01411 HTTP response: length required
01412 HTTP response: precondition failed
01413 HTTP response: request entity too large
01414 HTTP response: request-URI too long
01415 HTTP response: unsupported media type
01416 HTTP response: requested range not satisfiable
01417 HTTP response: expectation failed
01500 HTTP response: internal server error
01501 HTTP response: not implemented
01502 HTTP response: bad gateway
01503 HTTP response: service unavailable
01504 HTTP response: gateway timeout
01505 HTTP version not supported
02000 SOAP response fault
9000 Failed to add an item to a configuration block
9001 Invalid handle specified when building a configuration block
9002 Invalid type of item specified when building a configuration block
9003 Invalid tunable name specified when building a configuration block
9004 Invalid tunable value specified when building a configuration block
9005 Invalid tunable type specified when building a configuration block
9006 Invalid tunable index specified when building a configuration block
9010 Failed to associate a configuration block with a server context
9011 Invalid server context specified for association with a configuration block
9020 Failed to destroy a configuration block
9021 Invalid configuration block specified to be destroyed
9030 Failed to initialize configuration block
9040 Service lookup failed
9041 Service not found
9042 Service disabled
9043 Failed to load IDT
9044 Service lookup request only valid before program execution
9050 User exit not found
9051 Error loading user exit
9060 Service information request failed
9061 Invalid service information request type
9062 Cannot request service execution while in transaction end processing
9063 Cannot make a dispose request within a transaction
9064 Cannot start a new transaction within a transaction
9065 Cannot start a new transaction when a dispose is outstanding
9066 Cannot end a transaction while in transaction end processing
9067 Cannot end/commit/rollback/recover a transaction that doesn't exist
9068 Cannot prepare when the transaction has already been prepared
9069 Cannot commit/rollback/recover when not in transaction end processing
9070 Cannot commit/rollback/recover when transaction has already been completed
9071 A stateful/stateless service request conflicts with current execution state
9072 Cannot make an end transaction request in a local transaction
9073 Transaction start failed
9074 Transaction end failed
9075 Transaction prepare failed
9076 Transaction commit failed
9077 Transaction rollback failed
9080 Trace request failed
9090 Unable to execute program as no service lookup was performed
9100 SEP terminating due to run-time error while debugging service