Creates resource definition and conversion table files, and populates them with default entries.


caspcrd [/res-name][/c][/cc][/cb][/dp=resource-definition-path][/o]


/res-name Name of the enterprise server. Defaults to ESDEMO
/c Create a resource definition file
/cc Create a conversion table file
/cb Create a resource definition file and a table conversion file
/dp=resource-definition-path The resource-definition-path specifies the path within which the files are created. Defaults to the current directory, but you can specify another path on disk, or a database path (for example, sql://my-db/my-datastore?folder=/myrd - see The dbfhdeploy Command Line Utility for details of the full SQL notation required).
/o Overwrite existing files


You must have started the enterprise server before you can issue a caspcrd command.


On UNIX you can use a dash (-) instead of a forward slash (/).