Imports a file containing mainframe data conversion macros into the file dfhdrcnv.dat.


cascnvim /f{file-name}] [/op{path}] [/q] [/o]


/f{file-name} Path and filename of the data conversion macros file
/op{path} Path to the directory in which dfhdrcnv.dat is created
/q Run in quiet mode; that is, the contents of the data conversion macros file are not displayed
/o Overwrite existing entries


The /op parameter or the environment variable TXRDTP must be set .

The /op parameter sets the environment variable TXRDTP, which determines where dfhdrcnv.dat is created.


If /op{path} or TXRDTP is not set, dfhdrcnv.dat is created in .

On UNIX you can use a dash (-) before a parameter as an alternative to a forward slash (/).