Updates a resource definition file.


caspcupg [/dp=resource-defn-path]


/dp=resource-defn-path Resource Definition Path - specify a path on disk or a database path (for example, sql://my-db/my-datastore?folder=/myrd - see The Datastore URL for details of the full SQL notation required)
/s(sit,fs-server-id) Set FCT FSID in SIT and groups in startup list
/f(group, fs-server-id) Set FCT FSID in group.
/o Force upgrade of non-DFH-supplied resources.
/uuserid User ID for updates
/ppassword Password for updates
/sparameter Set FCT start-open to parameter., which must be "Y" or "N"
/ssparameter Set security on or off. parameter is + for on, or - for off
/bpath Optional. Path to location where the backup file is created - specify a path on disk or a database path.
/t= Set Termtype Device properties = Mapping properties
/td Allow Termtype Device properties to differ from Mapping properties
/z Reset blank PCT security keys to default value
/% Quiet mode


The /s and /f options are alternatives and are mutually exclusive.

On UNIX you can use a dash (-) before a parameter as an alternative to a forward slash (/).