You can list the available algorithms using the openssl ciphers and openssl speed functions as follows. Note that not all the algorithms listed are supported. See below.

openssl ciphers

The openssl ciphers function lists the full cipher and hash suite available in the supplied openssl utility. Most of the ciphers available in OpenSSL are supported by Micro Focus Security Pack, but not all of them.

The openssl ciphers function produces output like this:



  1. The first element is the method
  2. The next one or more elements (except the last) are the ciphers and might indicate the symmetric and asymmetric ciphers
  3. The last element is the hashing algorithm used for signing

openssl speed

The openssl speed function lists the algorithms supported by the Micro Focus Security Pack and available in the supplied openssl utility. The speed function also lists how long each algorithm takes on your computer. This function takes some minutes to run.