Use this page to create a new XAT (XA-compliant database table).

If you displayed this page by clicking Copy on a previous page, the values on the previous page are used as the basis for the new XAT.

If you displayed this page by clicking New on a previous page, some values on this page are already set to default values.

Group List

Click this to display the CICS Group page group_name.


Click this to save changes you have made to the page, refresh the page and add the new XAT to the group you specify in Grp. The button changes to Apply.


Specify the name of this XAT.


Choose a group to which this XAT will belong. The list of groups from which you can choose include only those that can be edited by you.


Specify a short description of the XAT. Acceptable characters are A through Z, 0 through 9, $, @ and #.

Switch Module

Specify the location of the executable file (.dll on Windows, or .so on UNIX platforms) that contains the entry point that returns the xa_switch_t structure to the enterprise server.

DB Name

Specify the name by which the resource manager is known.

User ID

Specify a resource manager ID, used internally to identify a particular XA configuration. This must be unique within the enterprise server.


Specify the password required for the User ID. If you are entering a new password, you have to confirm it by entering it in PW Verify.

PW Verify

Specify the password again, if you are creating a new password, to verify you have entered it correctly.

Open String, Free Format

Specify the string that is passed to the resource manager on the xa_open() call. An entry in this field usually contains at least the database name, and the user ID and password for connecting to the database. The contents of this string are database-specific.

For DB2, the contents are documented in IBM's DB2 Administration Guide; for additional information see the Application Programmer's Guide.

For Oracle, see the Oracle Application Developer's Guide - Fundamentals.

Where the resource manager supports dynamic registration, and the database vendor requires the name of the module that provides the ax_reg function, you should specify casaxlib.

Close String, Free Format

Specify the string that is passed to the resource manager on the xa_close() call. To find out whether or not you need to supply Close string, see your database vendor's documentation.

Load Module

Choose an external resource manager that the server needs to communicate with on behalf of container-managed applications.

Load Module, Name

if you chose User in Load Module, specify the name of the module that supplies the run-time support for the database calls made by the application.