Service Package

Use this page to view information about a particular implementation package, selected from the Service Packages page. You can also use this page to force the load of a new copy of the IDT.


Shows the name of the implementation package for this service.


Shows the path of the IDT (interface definition table) for the package.

IDT Size

Shows the physical size of the specified IDT. The IDT size is shown only if the IDT is currently loaded and held in shared memory.

New Copy

Click this to force a new copy of the IDT to be loaded for the next execution of the service. If an IDT is resident (that is, in shared memory), New Copy removes it, forcing the system to reload the IDT from disk the next time a service requests it.


Shows the name of the library that contains the package, if any.


Shows the current status of the implementation package. The possible statuses are:

  • In service - the package is available.
  • Error - an error has occurred such that it has not been possible to set the status to any other value.
  • Disabled - the package is disabled.

Shows the path where the package file is located.

Ref. Count

Shows the number of programs that have made use of this package since the server started.