Copy Communications Process

Use this page to create a new communications process by copying the details of an existing communications process.

To access this page:

  1. On the Listeners screen, in the Communications process area, click Edit.
Control Channel Address

Specify the network address used by the communications process to accept incoming client requests. The format is:



  • protocol is tcp.
  • ip-address is either the text host name or IP address of the communications process. An asterisk (*) indicates that the address is the IP address of the current machine.
  • port is the port value. An asterisk (*) indicates that the port is dynamically assigned for the communications process when it starts.

If this network address is not unique in the repository, this may cause communications process startup problems.

Secure Sockets Layer

Not currently used.


Check this to indicate that the new communications process is started automatically when the enterprise server is started. If you copy a communications process while the enterprise server is running, and you check this, the new communications process is started immediately.