Add to Default ES Security Manager List

Use this page to add Security Managers to the Default ES Security Manager List. This is the list of security managers (taken from the available pool) that enterprise servers can use to perform security queries.

The screen shows a table that contains the available pool of Security Managers.


Use this to select a security manager for addition to the Default ES Security Manager List.


This column indicates the name that used to identify a security manager.


This column indicates the module used by a security manager to access an external security manager or to implement the security rules.

Used by

This column shows the security manager lists that include this security manager.


The description column indicates the description for a security manager.


This column indicates whether or not the security manager is enabled. If it is not enabled, it will be ignored by Directory Server and those enterprise servers that reference it.


Click this to add the currently selected security manager to the Default ES Security Manager List.