Configure General Options

Use this page to change configuration settings for the Directory Server.

Maximum Directory Server object count

Specify the maximum number of objects that the repository can hold.

The minimum is 64 objects. The maximum is 9999 objects. The default value is 128 objects.

Generate UDP search requests

When a CCI client request cannot be satisfied by this Directory Server it can forward the request to any other compatible naming services on the local network by issuing the request using a UDP broadcast. You might want to minimize broadcast traffic or force clients to search for locally registered servers by disabling this feature.

The default is enabled.

Restore server states when Directory Server starts up

Check this if you want servers that were previously started when the Directory Server closed down to be restarted when the Directory Server is started. For example, if your system is configured to run Directory Server automatically at system startup, and this flag is checked, then whenever you reboot your machine, Directory Server will attempt to restart any servers that were running when it closed down.

The default is "Disabled".

Save Legacy Micro Focus Servers

Check this if you want legacy Micro Focus servers to be included when you save the Directory Server repository. Legacy Micro Focus servers are CCI servers.

The default is "Disabled".

Servers marked "Started" only when all listeners started

Check this if you want the server status to remain "Stopped" until all of the auto-start and startable listeners (those not marked as Disabled) have been set to "Started" status.

If this is unchecked, the server status is set to "Started" when the first MFCS instance that starts up modifies the server status. This will be shortly after the Communications Process Control Channel listener becomes active. At this point, any remaining listeners for that Communications Process, and any other Communications Processes for that server, will probably still be starting up.

By default this is unchecked.

Clear dynamically assigned address values when servers stop

Check this box to override the option on the individual stop server confirmation page so that the dynamic address values for the server are cleared when it stops. This will happen regardless of whether it is started remotely, from the command line, or from the Enterprise Server Administration GUI.

By default this is unchecked.

Default Process User ID

UNIX only. Specify a default user ID to be attached to all processes started from the Directory Server, for example, service execution processes. You can override this default process user ID for an individual enterprise server by specifying a value for Process User ID on the Edit Server Advanced page. If you do not specify a user ID in either place, all processes run as user root, which can create problems with security and access to files. You can specify either a numeric user ID or a username.


Click this to restore the default settings.

  • If the current number of objects exceeds the default object count, the default is not restored.