Server Instance Properties: MSS IMS TM MPRs

Use this page to configure message processing regions (MPRs) for this server. From this page you can also:

To access this page:

  1. From the Enterprise Server Administration home page, at the left of the Enterprise Server instance to configure, click Edit.
  2. On the server instance screen, select the Server > Properties > MSS > IMS > TM > MPRs tabs.

Click this to edit the MPR definition.


Shows the name of the MPR.


The list of transaction classes that this MPR can run.


Shows an optional text description of the MPR.


Click this to add an MPR.

Note: You can specify a maximum of four classes in the Transaction Class field. You must separate each class by a comma. The classes you specify must be less than 32-bytes long. If you specify more than four classes only the first four are used. When you start the enterprise server instance you see a message (CASIP0013I) in the console.log that shows which classes have been registered for use.