Server Instance Properties: MSS JES

Use this page to enable Mainframe Subsystem Support (MSS) and to configure the Job Entry Subsystem (JES) for JCL on this server.

To access this page:

  1. From the Enterprise Server Administration home page, at the left of the Enterprise Server instance to configure, click Edit.
  2. On the server instance screen, select the Server > Properties > MSS > JES tabs.
Job Entry Subsystem enabled

Check this to enable the Job Entry Subsystem for this server.

JES Path

Specify the path for the executable files that your JCL jobs will run.

Put your .gnt and .dll files on this path. For debugging, you will also need to put your .int, .idy and .cbl files on this path.

System Catalog

Specify the full name (including the path) of your system catalog file. This file holds the details of data files, their attributes and locations.

Note: You cannot share a catalog between servers.
Default Allocated Dataset Location

Specify the default directory to be used for the creation of new data sets.

System Procedure Library

Specify the name of your system procedure library.

Fileshare Configuration Location

Specify the path and name of the Fileshare Configuration file.