Add Package

Use this page to add an implementation package to the server.


Specify the name of the new package, up to 255 characters. You cannot include angle brackets (<>) or ampersands (&) in the name.


Choose a status from the list. The possible statuses are:

Available The package is available. This is the default.
Disabled The package is disabled.
Package Module

Specify the name of the library that contains the new package. You need to specify this only if the program is in a library that has a different name than the package name. Include the extension; library files have the extension .lbr or .dll on Windows, .lbr or .so on UNIX.


Specify the pathname of the IDT (interface definition table) for the package.

IDT Remains Resident

Check this if you want the IDT to be loaded into the shared memory area while the service is running. This can help performance if the service is frequently used and there are no constraints on shared memory.

Package Path

Specify the path or paths where the executable program or programs are located. Separate paths with semicolons on Windows, and with colons on UNIX. If you do not specify this, the Directory Server looks for the file first in the path included in the interface definition table, and then in the paths specified by the COBDIR environment variable.

Configuration Information

This field is not used.


Text description of the package. Optional.


Click this to add the new package to the server. You must add a listener before you can click Add.