Delete Listener

Use this page to delete the selected listener.

To access this page:

  1. On the Listeners screen, next to the listener to edit, click Delete.

Deleting a registered listener may cause application connection errors and loss of data


Shows the name of the listener.

Connection Endpoint

Shows the network address used by the listener to accept incoming client requests. The format is:



  • protocol is tcp.
  • ip-address is either the text host name or IP address of the server listener. An asterisk (*) indicates that the address is dynamically assigned for the listener when it starts.
  • port is the port value. An asterisk (*) indicates that the port is dynamically assigned for the listener when it starts.
Current Status

Shows the current status of the service listener. The possible statuses are:

Blocked The listener is started when the server starts, but it does not accept client requests.
Disabled The listener is stopped and is therefore not available to any client
Invalid An error has occurred such that it has not been possible to set the status to any other value
Not responding The listener status is unknown because the server it is registered with is not responding to the server monitor
Started The server listener is running.
Stopped The listener is stopped.

Shows a text description of the listener.