Server Instance Properties: Permissions

Use this page to specify the permissions of user groups for this enterprise server.

To access this page:

  1. On the server instance screen, select the Server > Properties > Permissions tabs.
User Group

Choose group for which you wish to set permissions. Those groups that have already been granted explicit permissions on this enterprise server are marked with an asterisk.


Check each permission that you want to grant. To grant all permissions, click Allow All.

The permissions are displayed in an inverted tree structure. Those on lower branches include the permissions on the branches from which they descend. For example, the permission to restore a repository includes the permission to import a repository. Therefore, restore is shown as a descendant of import.

When you grant a particular permission, any permissions that it includes are automatically granted. Hence, when you check the Restore Repository permission, the Import Repository permission is automatically checked as well.

Where a check box for a permission is greyed out, it indicates that the permission is included by other permissions that have been granted to the group. To revoke a permission that is included by others, you must first revoke those other permissions.