Update User

Use this page to modify the details of registered users and to delete users.

Account ID

Indicates the ID of the accout being edited.


Specify the full name of the person assigned to this account.


Specify a description of the user.

Default Group

Specify a default user group for this user.

Where a user verification request does not specify a group, this default group is used.

Allow Logon

Check this to permit the user to logon.

Member of:

Lists the user groups of which this user is a member. Click a group to select it for removal from this list.

User groups:

Lists all available user groups. Click a group to select it for adding to the Member of list.


Click this to remove the selected group from Member of.


Click this to add the selected group to Member of.

New Password

Specify the new password of the user. Passwords can contain alphabetical and numeric characters only and are case sensitive. If you leave this field blank, the existing password is unchanged.

Confirm Password

Specify the case-sensitive new password of the user. If you enter a value that does not match the value in New Password, an error is generated and the existing password is unchanged.


Click this to delete this user.