User Import: previous version

Use this page to import user data from a previous version of Micro Focus Directory Server.

Note: Prior to this release, user data was stored in a user definition file called CCIUSERS.dat. This was located in the install-dir\base\bin\ for Net Express or install-dir\bin\ where Enterprise Server was installed standalone.

Note also, the fields available on this screen will depend on whether you are importing from a file or from an LDAP server.

User registry

Specify the location of the user registry from which you want to import users.

If the registry is in a file, the location is the full name of the file.

If the registry is in an LDAP server, the location is the address of the LDAP server.


When you specify ldap:/// as the type of registry, additional fields are displayed for specifying which users are to be imported, and the user credentials required for reading the data from the LDAP server.

Base DN

Specify the base distinguished name for the container from which the user entries will be obtained.


Specify any filter condition to restrict the list of users imported.


Specify the credentials required to access the LDAP server.

User DN:

The distinguished name of the LDAP user with which to access the repository.


The password of the user with which to access the repository.

Replace all existing user information

Check this if you want all existing users to be removed and replaced with the users that you are importing. If this is not checked, existing users will not be changed and only those users in the import file that are not already present in your repository will be imported.

Replace existing duplicate user information

Check this to replace any existing user that is a duplicate of one being imported.

Import only users who are members of these groups

Restrict the users imported to those within the groups named in this field.

Add imported users into this group

Specify a group to which all imported users should be assigned.