Set Up the ESJCL Enterprise Server Region

Provides step-by-step instructions to create and configure a JES-enabled enterprise server region that runs JCL jobs.

Create the ESJCL enterprise server region

Start the Server Explorer
The Server Explorer view is visible by default when using the Team Developer perspective, and appears as a tab on the same level as the Application Explorer view. However, if it is not visible:
  • In Eclipse, click Window > Show View > Other > Micro Focus > Server Explorer, and then click Open.
Create the enterprise server region
  1. In the Server Explorer, expand Local [localhost:10086], right-click Default [], and click New > Enterprise Server.

    The New Enterprise Server dialog box appears.

  2. Type ESJCL into the Name field.
  3. Click the browse button next to the Template field, and browse to the location of the Enterprise Developer server templates, which is %ProgramFiles(x86)%\Micro Focus\Enterprise Developer\etc\ServerTemplates by default.
  4. Select JCLTemplate.xml, and click Open.
  5. On the Associate with projects list, check JCLDEMO.
    Note: Until you associate the region with a project, the JES functionality within the region will not work properly.
  6. Click Finish.

    In the Server Explorer view, expand Local [localhost:10086] and Default [] to check to see that the server has been added. By using the template, the server already has the necessary options selected for MSS enablement.

Define a batch initiator SEP

The JCL template that you used to create the ESJCL enterprise server region includes a default initiator named INITALL. You need to modify INITALL for your application.

To modify INITALL to be a class B initiator that starts automatically:

  1. In the Server Explorer, right-click Local [localhost:10086]; then click Open Administration Page.

    This opens the Enterprise Server Common Web Administration (ESCWA) in a browser outside of the IDE.

  2. In ESCWA, in the navigation pane, click Directory Servers > Default.
  3. In the list of servers, in the row that contains ESJCL, click the Edit (Edit) button.

    This opens the General Properties page of the server's properties.

  4. Click the JES tab in the taskbar at the top of the properties pane to access the JES Configuration settings.
  5. In the Initiators section, click the Edit (Edit) button for the INITALL initiator and change it as follows:
    Field Value Comment
    Name INITB Not case sensitive – gets folded to upper case
    Class B Not case sensitive – gets folded to upper case
    Description Initiator for class B job  
  6. Click Save in the JES Initiator window.
  7. Click Default under Directory Servers in the left-hand pane of the browser to return to the list of servers.