Distributed Generation Server

Restriction: This topic applies only when the AppMaster Builder AddPack has been installed, and applies only to Windows platforms.
  • A console message (IEC141I 013-18) is issued each time a member is not found and a logrec is written for each occurrence. If a logrec dataset is being used instead of logstream, enlarge the dataset.
  • Screens that access data elements are not currently supported.
  • An IEC141I 013-18" error occurs if the mapset name given for CICS Screen generation is incorrect.
  • Values specified for a mapset name are overridden by the mapset stored in the APSSCRN file.
  • If you need to change the interface for WebSphere MQ settings after initially starting the Distributed Generation Server, you must shut down the Distributed Generation Server and restart it.
  • The first time the Distributed Generation Server receives a generation request, you are prompted for a mainframe logon ID and password. This remains in effect for the duration of your Windows session. Ensure the logon ID has proper mainframe access authority for accessed datasets.
  • Most AppMaster Builder preferences are used by the Distributed Generation Server.
  • The AppMaster Builder preference Compile in COBOL project is ignored by the Distributed Generation Server.
  • If the AppMaster Builder Distributed Generation Server is shut down and then restarted, it starts as an AppMaster Builder Server. You need to then restart it as a Distributed Generation Server.
  • The Distributed Generation Server automatically changes your project path setting to the Mainframe\IDE subdirectory of your User Area for downloading APSAPPL, APRAPPL, APRPROG, APSPROG and APSSCRN files during generation. After generation, the original project path setting is restored.