Generating from the Command Line

Restriction: This topic applies only when the AppMaster Builder AddPack has been installed, and applies only to Windows platforms.

You can generate applications from the command line as an alternative to generating from the Enterprise Developer IDE in Eclipse. To enable this feature, you must create a configuration XML file for each object or application you want to generate. An application's configuration XML file contains all the information necessary to generate the screens, multiple-map mapsets, and programs of the application.

Note: The command-line generation feature does not support the generation of COBOL copybooks (COPYLIB files) from data structure (APSDATA) files and data definition interface (DDI) symbols files. You must generate these files from the IDE.

Configuration XML File

You must create a configuration XML file manually using a specific structure and XML elements as described in the Configuration XML File reference topics. See also To create a configuration XML file.

The configuration XML file you generate for an application is stored in the cmdgnxml project subdirectory, and is named as follows:


Once you have created the configuration XML file, you can generate it from the command line.

cmdgen Command

Use the cmdgen command to generate a full application or one or more application objects. For complete information, see To generate from the command line and the cmdgen command reference topic.